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Hyderabad Metro Rail Project

Government of Andhra Pradesh has undertaken the Hyderabad Metro Rail Project in three traffic corridors of the city spanning over 71 km :- (1) Miyapur-LB Nagar (28.87 km – 27 stations); (2) JBS-Falaknuma (14.78km – 16 stations);

‘Congress needs a shot in the arm’

Union minister Vayalar Ravi, who came to Hyderabad as the emissary of party president Sonia Gandhi to prepare the party for bypolls, admitted on Tuesday that the Congress in the state is in need of ‘rejuvenation from grassroots level’. He, however, denied the reports of migration of party workers to Jagan’s YSR Congress.

Curfew continues in riot-hit old Hyderabad

Curfew continued in the riot-hit areas of the old city of Hyderabad for the third consecutive day Tuesday, with the situation remaining tense but under control. People in curfew bound areas under Madannapet and Saeedabad police station limits are reeling under the shortage of essential commodities. Daily wage earners are the worst hit.

Major blow to Brand Hyderabad, says industry

For Brand Hyderabad, that was only just emerging from the dark shadow of the T-imbroglio, the Andhra Pradesh high court ruling on Tuesday against the state government in its ongoing land dispute with the Wakf Board comes as yet another major blow, feels industry.

Five vehicles set on fire in Hyderabad

The life ground to a halt here on Tuesday after incidents of aerial firing and setting the vehicles ablaze during the call to observe a black day creating tension in the city.

Hyderabad’s IT hub to be on fast lane soon

Residents of Industrial Area Local Authority (IALA) in Madhapur, Gachibowli and surrounding places will have a smooth ride soon with the AP Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC), Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and Roads and Buildings (R&B) deciding to develop nine major roads.

India Aviation 2012 to open in Hyderabad tomorrow

The `India Aviation 2012′ show, a 5-day international exhibition and conference showcasing and sharing growth opportunities in civil aviation, will open in Hyderabad tomorrow.

Old City all set to welcome the day of colours

The city is all set to be drenched in colours on Thursday and preparations for are Holi going on in full swing. From colours and pichkaris to sweets and bhaang, all the elements required to invoke the true spirit of the festival are available in the markets. This year, city folks seem to have become More >

A P High Court faults govt for inviting Emaar

Wondering what sense it makes for government to hand over huge tracts of land to foreign companies for housing projects on the one hand and banning allotment of house sites to the poorer sections on the other, Justice L Narasimha Reddy of the A P High Court on Tuesday

Hyderabad treasure hunt awaits hi-tech help

The hunt was temporarily stopped on Monday and would  resume when special equipments come from the National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) to ascertain whether and where the ground cavity or tunnel exists and whether any treasure was hidden there.